Put Some Joy in Your Boring Same-Old Day

I woke up

At 13:25 p.m,  staring up aimlessly at the ceiling and trying to think are there anything i need to do before my mother starts to moan at me. The answer is yes but no, i still need to finish my uni applications but the deadline is 2 months away so i decide to just leave it and see what i will end up doing for the day…..I am assuming everyone always have a routine they feel comfortable with following everyday, doesn’t matter if its a set of rules, set of actions or a mindset. Mine recently is just very dull and boring… Wake up, eat, wash, think and walk…thats literally it! A living zombie…But obviously this doesn’t include the days i need to work. I am not so lazy and hopeless as i sound, it is just because i haven’t yet found myself in Hong Kong since i have moved back. I am a Daydreamer i admit, my mind is always somewhere else when i plug my earphones in, closed my eyes and even drinking a cup of tea. So in theory, does it mean i don’t enjoy my life at the moment or there are things i need to complete to fulfil my desire?

I always want to break the status quo and the set of routine i have talked about, but how to archive that is the difficult part. I often ask myself why do i care about my image so much when there might be things i should be trying to do to make my day more entertaining. I also ask myself what are seen weird and not socially acceptable by people but can also make your day more eventful and meaningful. Its the self-esteem who drives you away from enjoying your day by doing silly things, especially in a busy city like Hong Kong. Everyone here is like walking around with an I-Pad on their face, with a few settings which can change their facial expression but thats it, other than the few faces they can pull, you can’t really see their personalities. Its all powered by the same battery and company – Work and Money. I  lived in a closed community country town for 7 years and i realized how important it is to loosen up and socialize with people more, even saying hi and put on a smile to strangers. So me being in HK, people often think i am insane or weird… smiling all the time and just talk to people who blatantly did not expect i would be saying anything to them. Cruel world.

At lunch today..

Anyway I was having lunch today by myself and was bored out of my head, so i decided to carry out an observation and looked around the restaurant. I saw everyone were just busy eating and i narrow my sight onto a few people and watched their moves ( creepy i know…) just curious to see how repetitive their routine is. And it was quite fascinating, the younger bloke kept wiping his mouth after each time he ate, and fold his napkin after each time he wipes i wonder is this some kind of O.C.D. behaviour  About the same age, this women just can’t stop talking to her friends on the phone and i mean they talk about a bunch of crap, and she was really passionate about their conversation, she was loud. And her friend which is a man who was the manager of the restaurant sat next to her and he was just not impressed, eating his lunch with his head down and constantly looking around like he is embarrassed to be around her. I found it quite funny observing this guy’s expression and then after all, i would think about putting myself in their situation and think what would you do if you were them Jack Law. And coming up with the most ridiculous and impossible answer :

Take her phone and start making a whole different conversation? Tell her how annoying she is? Kick her out using the power of a manager? Start eating all her food?

See just things like this  is very entertaining i ensure you, it made me laugh just thinking about it. There are different ways to keep an optimistic attitude in your day as well – Music! Do you believe singing one song, that one song been stuck in your head for days is like a drug can cured your unhappiness? Well it works for me, and especially singing the ironic song by Alloe Blacc – You make me smile.

Imagination is the very fundamental brick which build your life, doesn’t matter how successful you are or how rich you are, materialist people do not find happiness in life if they don’t buy or occupy something which is seen “popular” by the public. Capitalism.
Why not taking a step back, be adventurous and go against the grain? Only need to imagine the process and result could make your day more unique, why not wearing different style of clothes and be someone else and spent the day like someone else? Why not act out a scene from you favourite movie and see the reaction in reality? ( like the robbing scene of the restaurant  in Pulp Friction ) Why not write a short story? Just go with the flow and make your day productive.

Einstein once quaote 

“A person starts to live when he can live outside himself.”

Breaking boundaries and status quo takes courage and time, but what comes with it not only joy but valuable life learning lessons. I just literally sit here writing, thinking about all these things i wrote. So still… how am i going to spend my day? I almost spent the whole day writing this but this is something i want to do so i won’t hesitate at all! Plus in few hours i have to go out have dinner with my cousin and catch up with things and talk about girls , going to be exciting.

Jack Law

Author: Jack Law

Digital Marketer, amateur photographer, Travel addict. Welcome to my blog! Here I will share all that I know and learned in my experiences with no filter. From online marketing, branding to travel adventures in my home town- Hong Kong and the other places in the world!

2 thoughts on “Put Some Joy in Your Boring Same-Old Day”

  1. Jack I really like your blog it’s really interesting, its really captured your personality and makes me want to upsticks and come live in Hong Kong for a while haha! But I’m thinking of moving to San Francisco in a year just to get a different pace of life and maybe live there for a year or so if you ever wanted a change you should come with me would be a cool adventure plus sharing a flat would be cheaper haha! Anyway missing you lots we all are! Mum and dad send there love they thought the blog was great! We should have a Skype chat sometime to catch up. Big love from me and Devon in general 😀 x

    1. Hey Joel!!!! Thanks for the like man, its good to know someone like it as much i do and not thinking its homo. LOL Man i would love to live with you in HK! would be a dream… But moving to SF sounds fuking awesome dude, what you thinking of doing outthere? If i dont get into education next year mate i will def give you a shout. I miss you alot too mate, say hi to your parents for me and please skype me soon! hope you are all good and still living it up xxx

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