What to do with fear?

A goal is very important to our well-being and personal development, by this i meant the type of goals that drives you positively based on your “own” will. Not those which is influenced by external factors such as friends, parents or other expectations and judgement.

I am no expert on this, still trying to figure it out by being “Lost”. I have to admit i deny the fact of being lost a lot of time, giving myself an illusion of things are just changing, i am growing up and have to do things in certain ways in which we are encouraged to be. But i started to realize and i am trying to accept what life is offering me now and stop conflicting with myself so often because one day i will just be exactly the same position as i am now with a slightly different scenario. So i had this feeling, an urge to tell myself – Let’s just do it, forget about what will happen.

Recently my best friend came back and he has a lot of influence on me, especially on a spiritual and philosophical level. He inspires me in a lot of ways in which it brings me back to question myself the most important question i always think about; what do you really want to do in life? I often look at this topic with fear, almost like watching a horror movie through the gaps between your fingers; you are curious to find out what’s happening, yet you are shit scared. But i never used to be like this, i was an optimist. So since when i have become so afraid and cares about others opinions before my own?

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.– Bruce Lee

What’s most important now though is not to answer this question but to move on and do something about it. Committing to conquer my fear and spend more time doing than thinking. I believe i am not the only one in their early 20’s sharing the same thought, that passionate heart being tamed by conflicting thoughts. I would suggest if anyone feels like this, try to not to look at what you want to do passionately as escaping the “reality” because whats more than real than being yourself and your passion?

Author: Jack Law

Digital Marketer, amateur photographer, Travel addict. Welcome to my blog! Here I will share all that I know and learned in my experiences with no filter. From online marketing, branding to travel adventures in my home town- Hong Kong and the other places in the world!

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