Spontaneously Wandering – Sharp Island

Just Do it

When your original plan fails, you better to have a plan B otherwise the frustration will catch up with you. That’s what happened with me a few weekend ago. Originally I should be writing about my journey into this white sandy beach near the Sai Kung geo-park. However, some of my friends couldn’t make it which left me hanging alone with a decision to make.

I have traveled already, stood next to the busy Sai Kung pier with “Junk-goers” ready to board their boats to party and relax in the sun for the day. Junk is the old Chinese vessels which can be hired for a day tour out in the sea. There were stands along the pier with ticketing service for reaching out to different islands around the area, So I just picked a random place and got on the boat.

How to get there?

From Central: 

MTR to Hang Hau, then catch a minibus or Taxi to Sai Kung town.

From Kowloon:

Mong Kok has a red minibus on Dundas Street near the rubbish collection centre (I know right) which takes you to Sai Kung pretty fast.

At Sai Kung:

Walk to the pier and ask any of the pop up stores for a return ticket for Sharp Island. It should be $30! There are a few operators, so dont worry about not finding a boat 🙂

Bup Bup Bup…

The sound of the old engines of the junk was loud but not annoying, it was kind of nice as it fitted in with the atmosphere around. The old wooden Chinese boat experience would be ruined if it was a powerful modern speedboat engine. The boat rocked up and down slowly with the wave smashing against the bow. Wind blowing through the boat and my hair, I could sleep easily at that moment. This made me so happy as I knew I made the right decision by embarking on this journey.

Red Stones & The Lonely Island

Turned out this place is actually a part of a Geo-park in Hong Kong, as soon as i arrived on the pier. The water quality and and rocks instantly captured my attention. These rocks are so red, almost like someone painted them and threw them back in for decoration. I walked past the narrow beach where people were relaxing and the beach was surprisingly packed with dogs.

There was a small Island not far away from the main island, it was one of those places you can only reach when the tide is low. Luckily I got there at the right time, walking along the shallow water was very enjoyable. As it was so hot, the water helped to keep me cool but the view was amazing once you reach half way. Looking back on this path was so nice, picture perfect.

Exploring the Island

I walked around the island trough the large and peculiar looking rocks, this place was graded as a geo-park because of its geological age which dated back to the cretaceous age; 140 million years ago! I thought about dinosaurs straight away as I read the info board. The coolest rocks were the one which looked like the skin of a pineapple and those which has sharp rectangles. Looked like a stone mason crafted it!

There was a short trail which led me to the top of the hill, that was a nice vintage point, there was people sailing, snorkeling and doing all sort of water activities surrounding the island. I had my lunch up there, which was really pleasant. Coming downhill, a set of stairs descend into a curved exit made out of branches. On the side was filled with purple flowers, it was quite a sight.

The other side of the island was quiet, but you could actually walk out to the small light tower which would be a great place to relax or for photographers to take some great images. The island is small, you could spend around 2 hours and be satisfied. So I sunbathed a bit and caught the ferry back when I was getting hungry for some Thai food back in the Sai Kung Town.

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Author: Jack Law

Digital Marketer, amateur photographer, Travel addict. Welcome to my blog! Here I will share all that I know and learned in my experiences with no filter. From online marketing, branding to travel adventures in my home town- Hong Kong and the other places in the world!

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