When It Comes, would You Do it?

Here’s a little story about irrationality, love and courage that I have heard during my travels in Europe which got me thinking quite a bit. When I first heard it, there were moments I stopped and stared into space. Imagining what it must feel like or recalling moments that were similar but I let it slipped. This is probably one of the best thing I have ever came across with and had a strong impact on my life and hope you would enjoy it.

When you are traveling, relationships between people you meet often are short and passionate. That’s one of the perks of travelling because sometimes you find someone that share that intense level of connection you wouldn’t find when you are at home. Or something that you subconsciously were searching for but somehow it comes at the most unexpected scenarios or situations…

Same thing happened to John and Miranda, who had met again in another crossroads in their life. They were friends from a young age when things were simple, naive and foolish. Their attraction developed then but how it was handled was the consequence of being young and foolish, it wasn’t taken seriously and it faded. As they departed from each other to move on with studies and their own life, which meant they would be in different parts of the world. What was left was memories which they had no intention of meeting again or at least imagining there would be opportunities to do so.

8 years later, they were all grown up and lived a very different life. Miranda is in a relationship, have a decent job and John was having a good time discovering the world. So as John was travelling and as he was planing his trip, he thought in his head “Why not go to visit Miranda? I have never been to her country anyway.” The idea became reality, both were excited to see each other again as old friends. Nothing more.

Just like old friends do, the anticipation doesn’t really justify how it feels when they reunited. John was telling me that he was so happy that he lost words sometimes because there were so much to say but somehow it was stuck in his head. But he told me that being with her again somehow seemed surreal, and that she looked different in a good way. All grown up i thought, they must look different lol.

John met the bf of Miranda and they were all having a good time, going around and having drinks together. Catching up, getting to know the country from a local perspective….

So……This went on for a few days, those 3 hanging around with each other and they were having a great time. John then started to feel something that was odd when he was alone at a hostel one night. He can’t stop thinking about Miranda, her face kept reoccurring in his mind  and it drove him to frustration as he was confused with how he was feeling. He thought it must of just temporary attraction, he knew it was not logical at all to feel anything. And what was the point?

The next few days, he was keeping himself together but there were times he said, he just couldn’t stop looking at her in an affectionate way. Especially when they exchanged conversations in the car through the mirror. John said he was just trying to enjoy every single moments with her as he could before he leaves, nothing more than that. And so he did, making her laugh tried to ask her to come out as much as she could when she wasn’t working.

What John didn’t know was that he wasn’t feeling that connection alone, Miranda felt it too but not as soon as John. Miranda felt a zing at one of the sightseeing place they went to visit. Like John, she was confused and she needed to know the answer. So she decided to take him to the airport on the last day. As they said their goodbyes, it was very strange they recalled. It was almost like an unanswered question that no one wanted to take the chance to answer. That moment was right there, lingering in the air between them, John said he could felt all the sensation and butterflies rushing through his veins but nothing happened. They both turned and left.

John’s mind was all in the air, he said he was at the wrong terminal as well for his flight in which he nearly missed because of that. He had to do something about it, so he told me he texted her how he felt, it was a decision he had to make considering the consequences that would follow. But he said to me, what if you knew what you feel would simply fall into the past and never never will have the chance to express again.  So he told her how he felt, unexpectedly…..Miranda told him the same thing.

As you can imagine how both of them would felt, I can only describe it as planets smashing into each other and creating thousands of big bangs. But what also came was regrets and frustrations for them, especially for John.

For the next few days they stayed in touch and talked about many things, for John, the guilt and regrets already was troubling him. But logically he knew that if he return for her, he would sabotage her relationship. John said he doesn’t support the idea of cheating at all before, he would never do such thing.

So when I asked him why did you take the chance and got involved this time? He knew what was about to happen was wrong, but he felt like sometimes when you know what you feel is true then nothing should get in front of it. He said he had to be selfish to actualize this intense feeling he has for her and he doesn’t regret a thing.

He paid great efforts to figuring out what they were like and ended up that Miranda’s relationship was near the end. After knowing this, John’s heart only gave him one direction which was to cancel his next trip and return for Miranda.

So John went for it, he was on a mission. With only one goal, and they were telling me that they had one of their best time spending that week together. They said it was so intense that it was unbelievable, unlike anything they ever felt. Time was not a thing when they were together, they were fully in the moment, living the presence and tried to treasure every part of it.

I felt that connection that they have, it was so strong that nothing needed to be said or question was it worth it for them. The way they looked at each other and how they enjoy so much to be with each other. It was truly beautiful, pure and rare. I have never heard or seen anything like that.  What will happen is unknown, but they seemed pretty confident about the unknown. They said if you found the right thing, why let it go so easily?

Which made me wonder, if it comes to me…Would i do it? Would I leave my thoughts all behind and go with something my heart told me to. Because most often it might seem like the wrong thing to do but when it actually happens. It can’t be more right.



Author: Jack Law

Digital Marketer, amateur photographer, Travel addict. Welcome to my blog! Here I will share all that I know and learned in my experiences with no filter. From online marketing, branding to travel adventures in my home town- Hong Kong and the other places in the world!

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