About Me


Sharing is Caring, i set my blog out to inspire people to explore and step outside their comfort zone!

Who am I? 

Hi readers! I am Jack Law and i live in Hong Kong, Lost & Found is the platform i use to share my experiences and ideas with the public about travelling and documenting life’s indescribable moments. I am an inquisitive and curious soul that is motivated to become a better person though any experiences that come my way.  My travel experience started when i was young with family trips, but what awoken my wanderlust is when i moved to UK for high school education. I realized how fascinated i am with learning new cultures and exploring new places when i met different people from different counties in boarding school.

I have been trying to visit different countries as much as i can in the last 5 years, if i cant afford to i will still go out and explore the city i live in. During my adventures, i love collecting fascinating stories and mingling with the locals! Also finding fun and unique things to do so i can share with you guys!

This blog is still young, i will continue to write and share my experience. I wish i will be able to develop a knowledge-filled blog that i can help and inspire those who is seeking. But most importantly is to have FUN! 🙂

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